The plan includes creating a new community square and outdoor cinema.

Innovation First

The winning proposal included 15 cutting-edge ideas, most of which have already been trialed and tested in different towns and cities across the globe. Some of their key suggestions include:

  • Downloadable apps that reward walking with discounts at local shops.
  • An urban obstacle course connecting public gym equipment and sprinting tracks marked out on safe pavements.
  • A community kitchen that provides food to local schools, hospitals and Meals on Wheels as well as running healthy cooking lessons for local residents.
  • Developers providing new houses and flats with free bikes in order to cut car use and promote cycling.
  • Universal Wi-Fi so residents can get in touch with health services from home and make the most of new technology, such as online GP consultations which NHS England is backing to the tune of £45m.
  • Converting a car park into a new community square and outdoor cinema, offering more chances to socialise, boost the sense of community and improve mental health.