About Halton Healthy New Town

Halton Lea is one of ten Healthy New Town sites in England selected by NHS England to take part in the national Healthy New Towns programme. The aim of the programme is to develop new and more effective ways of shaping new towns, neighbourhoods and communities to improve health and wellbeing, prevent illness, reduce social isolation and promote independence.

Local partnerships interested in being included in the Healthy New Towns programme were asked to submit a proposal describing how they would develop the Healthy New Town model in their own locality. A total of 114 areas submitted an application and, following a selection process, ten sites were chosen, one of which was Halton Lea.

Each Healthy New Town will act as a demonstrator site and share knowledge and best practice with other parts of the country as part of a wider roll-out.

The Healthy New Town model

While the ten sites selected for NHS England’s Healthy New Towns programme vary in size, composition and focus, all operate within the same guiding principles:

  • Local people are meaningfully involved in shaping the town’s design and development.
  • Housing is attractive, affordable, adaptable and easy to maintain.
  • The town meets the needs of all age groups, from families with young children to frail older people needing substantial support.
  • Services are fully integrated instead of being provided by separate organisations.
  • Wherever possible, health and care services are within easy walking distance of people’s homes.
  • People are supported and empowered to look after their own health and wellbeing and helped to stay independent for as long as possible.
  • There are well-maintained, green spaces and attractive walkways where people can meet up, take exercise or relax.
  • Children and young people have access to safe, open spaces and natural environments for play.
  • Residents have access to fresh, healthy food at affordable prices, while the number and location of fast-food outlets is controlled.
  • Education is of a high standard and children are able to achieve their full potential.
  • The town is an attractive location for new and existing businesses, leading to better job opportunities and training.
  • Digital technology is used extensively and creatively to provide health and wellbeing services and connect individuals, communities and organisations.